The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

May 3, 2021

Hearing loss is one of the most common problems facing Americans today, but it doesn’t have to be. When we wake up in the morning and start our day, we want to feel good, capable, and ready for what may come, and that’s exactly what hearing aids are all about!

We might have a little trouble hearing what people are saying when there’s some background noise. We might notice ourselves getting tired earlier in social situations. We might even start to feel less excited about going out and meeting people. Hearing aids are the best way to get back into life feet-first and live every day to the fullest.

People Who Use Hearing Aids Enjoy Life More

It’s true! About 95% of people who get hearing aids say they are glad they did, when asked after one year. Surveys show that people who wear hearing aids are more active, spend more time out of doors, and get more exercise than those who don’t treat their hearing loss. They say they feel better about themselves and more optimistic about the future. Amazingly, they even report a greater sense of optimism about future generations, and the world in general. These are all signs that point to one thing: hearing aids help us enjoy life more!

Strengthen Your Relationships

Hearing difficulties can begin to strain relationships, especially with those closest to us. Getting hearing aids keeps us in the conversation and lets us be there for those we love, just as they’re there for us.

Studies find that over half of people who start wearing hearing aids notice improvements in their relationships. That’s because hearing aids make conversation easier, and let us carry on with all the little interactions that brighten our days and grow our intimacy. It’s not just the big conversations that are meaningful to us, but all the little times we joke around and have fun together. Hearing aids help keep us close to those we love!

Enhance Your Memory

People commonly report that when hearing loss starts to become an issue, they notice themselves having memory issues, too. With hearing loss, we need to use our whole brains to figure out what someone just said, and by the time we have it they’re already on to saying something else! That extra work can make it harder to get things into our memories. Hearing aids make conversation as easy as pie, so our brains are free to think more clearly and remember more easily.

Free to Roam

We’re used to hearing so many things: the doorbell, traffic, ambulances and fire engines, phones ringing, the list goes on. When we regain access to these sounds, our daily activities can be more expansive. Hearing aids bring the sounds of the world back to us, so we can stay alert to the things we need to hear, so we can stay independent, mobile, and safe. And as an added bonus, we get to enjoy hearing the birds sing again!

Modern Marvels

Often when we think of hearing aids, we imagine the old, tan, whistling units of decades past. Thanks to improvements in computing and battery technology, today’s hearing aids are more powerful than we could have imagined, while also being small enough to disappear into your ear canal!

In addition to offering better sound quality, many modern hearing aids can help with sound directionality, to make sounds in front of you louder than those coming from behind. They can reduce the sound of background noise while accentuating the sound of speech, which can make speech recognition in noisy environments better than that of a normal-hearing person. Some even offer multiple microphone and speaker setups, so the world of sound around you is as three-dimensional and full as that of a normal-hearing 20-year-old.

Most of today’s hearing aids can be controlled by smartphone apps, many of which will even allow us to adjust your fitment long-distance, so you won’t need to return to the office every time you need to make a change. You can even take a hearing test at home, through your hearing aids, to see if they need an adjustment.

It’s never been easier or more valuable to start living your life to the fullest. Make an appointment with us today and learn more about how you can benefit from the amazing technology available today.

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