The Hearing System Process Can Be Complicated—Check out Our Center’s FAQ

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Regarding Me!

Why should I do something now? I get along OK as I am.

Life is full of special moments. Being fully engaged in those moments in the substance of life, and gives definition to who we are. Hearing our best makes it possible to "be in the moment." And all moments are fleeting and cannot be repeated.

What happens on my first visit?

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Can I come in just to talk?

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Do you have financing options?

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What if I have normal hearing?

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How often should I get my hearing evaluated?

We recommend once a year. Annual hearing evaluations help monitor hearing and word understanding from year to year. If a change is noted, we may need to make changes to your hearing instrument settings to compensate for the changes.

Regarding DigiCare Hearing Solutions

Does best-possible hearing cost a lot more that better hearing?

No. What it takes is a bigger commitment from us. It takes better training, better relationships with technology companies, better research into emerging technologies, and better use of these things when we make decisions on your behalf.

How much do your hearing systems cost?

We have solutions that range from $50 to $8000. The cost is driven by your current range of hearing, the situations that challenge your conversational awareness, and, of course, your budget. We almost always find a good fit for our clients.

How long does a hearing system last?

With proper care, they can last up to 5-10 years. We recommend coming in for a clean and check at least once a year to extend their life.

One ear or two?

Being able to hear from both ears helps you localize sounds, helps you hear in noisy environments and increases the overall volume of sound. Therefore, if you have a hearing difficulty in both ears, two are much better than one.

Regarding Personal Listening Systems

Is a Personal Listening System a hearing aid?

No. Hearing aids are medical devices regulated by many rules. So, while this does perform in similar ways to a hearing aid, it is designed to help with conversational awareness in occasional situations that are challenging.

Regarding Smart Phone Amplifiers

Can anyone with a smartphone get this?

No, it is a readily available application for Apple's iPhone, but is not available for other smart phones at this time.

Regarding Personal Audio Streaming Devices

Why is your device superior to Bluetooth wireless earphones that are so common?

First, we believe that wireless should really mean, wireless. The earphones you see commonly are not truly wireless, as there is a wire connecting one ear to the other. Ours do not. But more importantly, our devices do not close off the ear canal with an earpiece (unless you want this). For many situations, you want to be able to hearing naturally in addition to hearing your music or phone call. This is our devices can do. They really are the most elegant solution to audio streaming.

Regarding Specialty Add-On Products

Do I need to purchase your hearing system or audio streaming device for these specialty products to work?

Yes, all these products only work in conjunction with our technologies.

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