Seven Things to Know About Hearing Loss

As you navigate this new chapter with hearing loss, remember that you are not alone. Your journey may have changed, but the essence of who you are remains unchanged. Embrace the beautiful moments that lie ahead, for sound may have dimmed, but life's symphony still plays on. You will get back much of what you have lost. Seek support from loved ones and explore assistive technologies. Your resilience will be a beacon of strength, and with time, you'll find harmony in your unique melody. Embrace this change, for your spirit remains unwavering.


Compared to Normal Hearing

Hearing loss is evaluated against a statistically-determined ‘normal’ hearing.


About Two Classes of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is classified into two major types; one type is irreversible; the other is potentially reversible.


Hearing Loss Affects Comprehension

Hearing loss primarily results in a problem with speech understanding.


Lack of Empathy

People are not generally sympathetic to those who have hearing difficulties.


Social Isolation

Hearing loss is more socially isolating than the loss of any other sense.


Delayed Manifestation of Loss

Hearing damage often will not be manifest until many years later.


Sudden-Onset Hearing Loss

Sudden-onset hearing loss sometimes can be reversed if treated within hours.
    It is crucial to recognize the signs of sudden-onset hearing loss and seek immediate medical attention. Prompt action increases the likelihood of successful treatment and the restoration of hearing, emphasizing the importance of early intervention in cases of sudden hearing loss.

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