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Welcome to our bundle of support services for hearing devices! Whether you need recalibration, adjustments, or repairs, we've got you covered. Salvaging, testing, and customizing hearing aids from friends or family are also part of our comprehensive offerings. From device check and cleaning to otoscopic exams and cell phone connectivity solutions, our priority is to optimize your hearing experience

Our Bundle of Support Services

Welcome to our hearing device services! If you notice changes in your hearing, we offer recalibration to adjust your devices accordingly. For those seeking assistance with hearing aids from friends or family, we can salvage, test, and customize them for you. Our comprehensive services include device check and cleaning, in-office repairs, otoscopic exams, and cell phone connectivity solutions. We prioritize ensuring your devices are in optimal condition to enhance your hearing experience.

Hearing Device Recalibration

Once we get the hearing aids programmed and adjusted for your range of hearing, those settings are locked and will not change over time. However, there may come a time when you perceive that you’re not hearing as well. We have a way to re-calibrate the devices to adjust for minor (or major) changes to your range of hearing.

Hearing Device Setup

Occasionally people will come to us with hearing aids they acquired from friends or family. They come seeking to have them adjusted and fit to themselves. If these devices were made by one of our approved manufacturers it’s possible they can be salvaged for that person. If so, we will test, replace parts and reprogram to make it usable.

Hearing Device Check and Clean

We are always happy to take time to perform a 5-point Check and Clean of your devices. THis includes a sound check, wax removal, filter replacements, dome replacements and battery check.

Hearing Device Repairs

We can perform some repairs in office; others need performed by the factory. If you will be without your devices for a period of time, we do our best to set up a pair of loaners to get you by until we have your devices fixed and ready to go.

Otoscopic Exam

We have video otoscopes to see clearly your ear canal and eardrum. Based on this, we can advise on any issues that are presented, most of which we can resolve here in our office.

Cell Phone Connectivity

Keeping your devices connected and communicating with your cellphone is a high priority with us. We can help diagnose any connectivity issues to get you back and running.

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