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No Matter Your Hearing System Needs, You Can Trust Our Expert Services at DigiCare Hearing Solutions

Here’s a shortlist of things we do—but really, if you need help with hearing or if you want the best in personal audio streaming, call us. We’ll probably find a way to help.

Hearing Evaluations

Statistics warn us that it takes seven years for the average person to believe they have hearing difficulty or loss before they receive help. Don’t become a statistic! Every hearing treatment program starts with a hearing evaluation. Here are some tests we offer: Hearing assessment threshold: You will be asked to wear headphones. A range of tones with varying pitch and volume will be played. You will indicate when you hear a tone that you heard the sound. The pure audiometry test measures your auditory capacity concerning frequency (measured in hertz) and loudness (measured in decibels). Speech-in-Noise Assessment: This may be the most important test we perform. You will be presented with a woman’s voice and be asked to repeat what you heard. The challenge is that you will hear increasing levels of background noise. We are able to score your responses and use this information in the programming of your hearing aids. This is crucial to helping you carry on conversations when there’s even a little background noise. If we can’t provide the treatment that you need, we’re happy to refer you to an MD or other health professional for your needs. Learn More About Hearing Evaluations

Hearing Aid Services

We offer a range of services to keep your hearing aid working at its optimum ability. Most-Brand Reprogramming: Your product may need a reprogramming adjustment if you are not entirely pleased with the listening experience, sound quality, clarity, etc. We offer adjustments for most brands of hearing aids, including all the major manufacturers. Hearing Aid Clean and Check: Each part of your hearing aid will be tested carefully and minor problems resolved. This involves inspection of the receiver, microphones, controls, door/compartment battery, and any other appropriate components. Clean and check appointments to keep your hearing aids working correctly, and it is recommended that your devices be cleaned professionally every four months or as needed. Hearing Aid Repairs: Are your hearing aids not turning on? Are you hearing whistling? Does your hearing aid sound “muffled” or “dull”? If you’ve already inspected your aids for damage and replaced the hearing aid batteries to no avail, contact us! We offer hearing aid cleaning, maintenance, and refurbishment for all hearing aids, whether you have purchased them from us or not. You rely on your hearing aids every day to stay connected, so don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment for repairs. Learn More About Hearing Aid Services

Ear Health: Ear Wax Management and Removal

Earwax may not have the best reputation, but it plays a vital role in protecting the ear canal against harmful bacteria, fungi, and other particles. That said, come and see us when the earwax builds up in your ears and becomes a problem. We will evaluate the situation, identify the root cause, and conduct a suitable earwax removal treatment. Our process is unique to our service areas. We use a specialty piece of equipment called the Earigator (TM). It was developed by an Ears, Nose, Throat Specialist. We have found this to be the most effective way to remove excess wax. It is quick, unintrusive, safe, and extremely effective. It uses a variable pressure water jet. We are the only practice in Pueblo and Trinidad using this system.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Here’s what to expect with a hearing aid fitting with us:
  • Recommendations and Guidance: We give you advice on the best hearing aid for you, based on your hearing loss needs, your lifestyle, and your budget.
  • Hearing Aid Programming: We use your hearing test results to program your hearing aid to suit your specific needs.
  • Speech Mapping: This is a Real-Ear Measurement or verification method used to ensure that your hearing aids are programmed for your individual needs. Small microphones are placed into your ear canal. They are used to measure the hearing aid response (in your ear), accounting for your ear’s unique shape. This is considered the gold standard of hearing aid fitting practices! Only a select few hearing practices offer it, including ours.
  • Follow up & Adjustments: Hearing aid fitting is a process that requires stages of testing and reprogramming. We are here to ensure that you always hear optimally, so be sure to contact us if you have concerns about your listening experience.
Learn More About Hearing Aid Fittings

Public Screening Events

We love to take our message to the public because they love to learn about themselves. You may see us at your next health fair!

Healthy Ear Check

Ever seen your eardrum? Come in and see it on the big screen. It’s good to have us take a look and share it with you.


Need a speaker for an interesting presentation on hearing? We can tailor a presentation to your audience, as long as it has to do with hearing or personal audio.

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Sometimes, the government will pay to get you back to work! If you can’t work because of your hearing difficulty, come see us.

DMV Hearing Screenings

Is driving a truck your livelihood? Then you know that the DMV wants you to hear. We can give them that assurance.

Corporate Employee Hearing Evaluations

Do you need annual hearing tests for your employees? We’re here for you.

Hearing Protection

An ounce of prevention is . . . you know. Let’s stop hurting ourselves!


Yes, everything breaks down in time. But, we are here to make it better again.

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