No Matter Your Hearing System Needs, You Can Trust Our Expert Services at DigiCare Hearing Solutions

Here’s a short list of things we do—but really, if you need help with hearing or if you want the best in personal audio streaming, call us. We’ll probably find a way to help.

Ear Wax Management

Some people create ear wax faster than it needs to be. We can help you keep up with is as needed.

Hearing Evaluations

You checked your eyes, had you teeth cleaned, let us now be sure your hearing is what it ought to be.

Healthy Ear Check

Ever seen your eardrum? Come in and see it on the big screen. It’s good to have us take a look and share it with you.


Need a speaker for an interesting presentation on hearing? We can tailor a presentation to you audience, as long as it has to do with hearing or personal audio.

Public Screening Events

We love to take our message to the public because they love to learn about themselves. You may see us at your next health fair!

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Sometimes, the government will pay to get you back to work! If you can’t work because of your hearing, come see us.

DMV Hearing Screenings

Is driving a truck your livelihood? Then you know that the DMV wants you to hear. We can give them that assurance.

Corporate Employee Hearing Evaluations

Do you need annual hearing tests for your employees? We’re here for you.

Hearing Protection

An ounce of prevention is . . . you know. Let’s stop hurting ourselves!


Yes, everything breaks down in time. But, we are here to make it better again.