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Improve your hearing in just three weeks! Take part in our exciting, three phase process today. Proven to work every time!

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Check out our wide range of hearing systems, listening devices, smart phone amplifiers, audio streaming devices, and more!

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Getting your hearing checked should be done just as often as getting your eyes or teeth checked. Call for an appointment now!

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Audio Devices

Do you need hearing aids or a hearing system? Find out which will work best for you and unlock the potential of your auditory perception.

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Hearing Systems VS Hearing Aids

A message from the Owner, Tom Adams:

Believe it or not, I do not like hearing aids. In fact, as the owner of DigiCare, I can confidently say that I will never wear hearing aids, regardless of any hearing difficulty I may encounter. Gasp!

In reality, hearing aids are a thing of the past. They were large, they amplified everything, and they were only helpful for the very elderly or the severely impaired. Frankly, they were rather primitive.

No more. What we offer now are hearing systems. I call them hearing systems, not hearing aids, because that is more precise. And, to call them hearing aids is almost an insult. It is like comparing an ox-drawn hand plow to a modern John Deere tractor. It’s not really fair.

Systems are comprised of multiple parts that work in harmony for a common purpose. That definition fits us to a tee! We have two, three, or four parts that work together to deliver best-possible hearing. And within each part are subparts that create the most remarkable results. Particularly, results that deliver conversational awareness in the most challenging environments.

Today, hearing systems provide great benefit, not just to the very elderly or the severely impaired, but to the public at large. Hearing difficulties may come from a loss of natural hearing, or from the challenging environments that are so common. Hearing systems can be very effective in either case.

So, I say yahoo! Come see us to learn more. I know you’ll be impressed.


  • I am wearing my second set of hearing aids from Digicare. I purchased from them a second time because I believe they offer a 'state of the art" hearing system along with good follow up for any issues. They are not a high pressure sales venue but are certainly there to help if you are having difficulty with hearing. My family and friends are even more appreciative of this firm and their product.

    Edward Lumpee

  • I have been with Digicare/Hearing Solutions for 3 years now and it has been a great relationship. They have taken care of problems (just a few!) quickly and professionally. And the quality of the instruments they offer is great. I'd recommend them to anyone considering hearing aids.

    Drury Springs Ranch

  • I greatly appreciate the service I’ve gotten from Digicare Hearing Solutions. They have been nothing short of wonderful. I recommend them highly!

    P Potter

  • It was my pleasure to meet Tom Adam's with DigiCare to do speech mapping and was very satisfied with his concern and customer service thank you Tom I can hear really well with purchase.

    Chris Salazar

  • Great service. Helen is always a nice gal.

    Jerry Rodarmel

  • Wonderful service and hearing is drastically improved.

    Marvin Bristol


Yes, only 21 days away from ‘being in the moment.’

We have developed and are the only company who offers a Signature 21-Day Pathway to Best-Possible Hearing. Our proven system brings out the full potential of your range and has a primary focus on conversational awareness. This is what we call best-possible hearing.

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