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Discover Our State-of-the-Art Hearing System Products!

Personal Hearing Systems

A “10” on the wow scale! Our systems transcend and render obsolete traditional hearing aids. Programmed to conform to your range of hearing and listening environment, these systems have a remarkable ability to bring conversational awareness to you. Regardless of your difficulty with hearing loss (or no difficulty at all in most situations), our personal hearing systems are the best solution to allow you to “be in the moment”.

Personal Listening Devices

Crazy good technology as a crazy good price! Very affordable solution to bring conversational awareness in certain challenging environments. Dubbed the “Soundhawk,” this device uses your smartphone for setup, and uses a wireless microphone to capture that voice across the table or across the room.

Smart Phone Amplifiers

Use what you already own! The least expensive solution if you already own a smartphone. These use your phone’s microphone and earbuds to deliver amplified conversations to you. Just point your phone in the direction you need to hear, and the voice comes right to your ears. A great starting point to the world of assisted conversational awareness.

Personal Audio Streaming Devices

Wireless MEANS wireless! These devices are the premium solution to the world of audio streaming. A new way to exercise or to do business. Truly wireless, elegant yet rugged. Choose between monaural or stereo audio streaming. Choose our total awareness option for music without plugging your ear. Or chose a custom fitted ear mold for maximum control of the music, phone conversation or any other audio output from your Bluetooth-enabled source.

Specialty Add-On Products

There’s even more you can do! Augment your hearing system with TV audio streaming, wireless microphones for your professor, or loop your room to deliver audio directly to your personal devices. And remember, if it’s Bluetooth, let’s talk. We can do lots with that.

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