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Tom A.

Tom Adams, a dedicated entrepreneur and philanthropist, was born and raised in the scenic city of Colorado Springs. With his supportive wife Tina by his side, they founded Digicare, where she has played a vital role in administration and guidance. Together, they have raised three accomplished sons. One works as a Hearing Specialist out of state, while the other two serve as paramedics for a local fire department. Tom’s passion for helping others extends beyond his business ventures. He pastors a small Christian church, investing much of his free time in spiritual guidance. With an impressive educational background, including degrees in Economics and Sacred Theology, as well as Hearing Sciences and advanced Audioprosthology, Tom strives to serve his clientele in their journey to restore relationships affected by hearing loss.

Sara P.

Sara was born in San Diego, California, but moved to Canon City, Colorado at an early age with her grandparents. She has been living in the Pueblo area for 25 years. She is married to Marshall, who she met in high school. He is an Army Ranger veteran and now works as a Branch Manager for a security company in Colorado Springs. They have three spoiled dogs.

Sara has always been passionate about helping people. She decided to pursue a career in hearing aid technology after working alongside Tom at DigiCare Hearing Solutions. She completed her International Hearing Society course in December 2022 and has been working as an apprentice with the goal to become licensed as a hearing instrument specialist.

Sara enjoys helping people hear and communicate with their family and loved ones. She believes that everyone deserves to be able to hear the sounds of life, and she is passionate about helping people achieve that goal.

In her free time, Sara enjoys outdoor activities such as golfing, camping, and fishing. She is also creative and enjoys painting and reading. She is currently taking online courses to learn more about animal art.

Sara is a valuable asset to the DigiCare Hearing Solutions team. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated to her patients. She is a pleasure to work with and is always willing to go the extra mile to help her clients.


Heather was born in Denver, Colorado, and grew up in the Littleton area, along with her two brothers and extended family. She moved to Pueblo West in 2021, looking to get away from the busyness of the Metro area. She has been married to her husband Bill for fourteen years. Bill has spent his career in IT, which has brought them all over the world including visits to Singapore and Norway. She has two sons and six crazy dogs.

She enjoys spending time with her family, camping, boating, fishing, and serving my community. She serves as the President of a non-profit organization assisting those recovering from substance abuse and domestic violence trauma. As well as fostering for several rescue organizations across the Metro area.

The greatest pleasure in her professional capacity is helping people. She loves being able to use her skills and knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. She is also passionate about education and advocacy and is always looking for ways to help people learn and grow.

John S.

John Schecter, a native of Walsenburg, Colorado, spent his formative years in the vibrant city of Pueblo. In 2012, he embarked on a new adventure by moving to Trinidad, Colorado, where he played a pivotal role in establishing Digicare’s office. It was during this time that he aimed to make a difference in people’s lives by reconnecting them through the gift of improved hearing.

In 2004, John married Lynn, his lifelong partner and a constant source of support. Prior to his work in the hearing industry, John had a rich background as a performing musician and music teacher. His passion for music translated into a deep appreciation for the performing arts, leading him to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in the field.  This led him to obtain a board certification in hearing sciences.

Beyond his professional pursuits, John finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. He particularly enjoys bowling, a hobby that provides a welcome respite from his demanding schedule. With a strong commitment to making a positive impact, John takes immense pleasure in changing people’s lives by helping them rediscover the joy of hearing and connecting with others.

Lynn S.

Lynn Schecter, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, was born and raised in that vibrant city. In 2005, she made a significant move to the Pueblo area in Colorado, specifically Greenhorn Mountain, with the intention of being closer to her husband’s mother. Lynn tied the knot with her spouse, John Schecter, in September 2004 in San Antonio, Texas. John is not only an educator but also a talented musician.

Within her immediate family, Lynn is connected to John’s sister and her husband, who reside in Pueblo, as well as their youngest niece and her husband, who live in Pueblo West. In terms of blood relatives, Lynn has one remaining cousin in Memphis.

Outside of her professional life, Lynn indulges in various hobbies and pastimes. She has a deep appreciation for old movies, finds solace in reading, and takes pleasure in cooking.

Lynn’s educational journey includes acquiring a BA in Business Management along with an AS in Accounting. She has held various professional roles such as Technical Writer and Corporate Trainer, Office Manager, and Instructor in a private prison.

One of Lynn’s greatest joys in her professional capacity is witnessing the transformation of clients and their families as they experience the life-changing benefits of improved hearing, often leading to tears of joy.

Pueblo, Colorado