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See How So Many Patients Have Improved Their Hearing in Just 3 Weeks with Our 21-Day Pathway Program!

Yes, only 21 days away from “being in the moment.” We have developed and are the only company who offers a Signature 21-Day Pathway to Best-Possible Hearing. Our proven system brings out the full potential of your range and has a primary focus on conversational awareness. This is what we call best-possible hearing. This is how it works:

Phase One: 7-Day Environmental Assessment

We outfit you with our sound-speech analyzers to assess your everyday listening environment. This new ability to evaluate personalized listening situations gives us insight to truly optimize technology to your lifestyle.

Phase Two: 7-Day Demonstration

Based upon the results of Phase One and the evaluation of your range of hearing, we select the appropriate hearing system. During this phase, you experience the benefits of programmed amplification for the first time.

Phase Three: 7-Day Verification

Because hearing occurs in the brain, we use objective and subjective measurements to determine when we’ve reached best-possible hearing. In this phase, we complete these verifications as well as fine-tune the technology. In our opinion, this is the only way to accomplish best-possible hearing for those who have never worn a hearing system before. We’re sure you going to love it—it’s not like anything you experienced before.

Pueblo, Colorado