We say, ‘Be in the Moment!’

Life is full of special moments in the company of others. The expression of our thoughts and emotions in those moments is the substance of life. Being fully engaged gives definition to who we are.

Everyone should “be themselves” as life unfolds. To be at our best requires many things—foremost is experiencing best-possible hearing. That is our passion.

At DigiCare, we love to help everyone achieve best-possible hearing every day—and empower them to be in the moment.

  • Pueblo, Colorado (Main Office)
  • 1800 Fortino Blvd
  • Pueblo, CO 81008
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  • Open Weekdays 9am-5pm
  • Trinidad, Colorado
  • 212 North Commercial St.
  • Trinidad, CO 81082
  • Local: 719-846-7727
  • [email protected]
  • Open Thursdays & Fridays 9am-5pm