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Putting a Stop to Irritating Ring!

Tinnitus is the fancy word for ringing in the ears. Some say that this ringing is more like a “hum,” or sounds like locusts, or like a bell. Others says it’s like a “shusssing.” So, it’s really not accurate to say that it’s “ringing” in the ears.

The one thing in common among all these manifestations is that it never, ever goes away. Now, for many people it is not bothersome or perhaps mildly so. On the other hand, it can be extremely troublesome, and finding relief is priority #1.

So, what can be done? There many approaches that have been developed to find relief, but we have adopted only one. It is an approach that we have found to be very helpful for some. But not for all. Our Tinnitus system is somewhat unusual in this field, so it just might be the answer for you. Our Tinnitus system can be found here.

So, we believe that there are many types of Tinnitus with different origins. There are several theories abounding about the cause and treatment of these various types. We are focused on one type only but it is probably the most common. And, it’s the one type in particular for which our system is most helpful.

Ever heard of an anechoic chamber? This is a super sound booth, so insulated that virtually no sound can enter. Well, here’s the interesting thing. If you were to go into one of these sound booths, sit on a chair for a couple of minutes, you would begin to experience Tinnitus. What?! Yes, it’s true.

So, the theory is this: The brain demands constant sound stimulation. When is it deprived, it sets up its own internal sound to compensate. This is what we call Tinnitus.

To confirm this theory, we have documented many cases where the sufferer’s pitch of sound of Tinnitus is exactly the same pitch where there is the greatest difficulty in hearing. It’s really quite remarkable.

So, the treatment is quite simple. Fit the person with a sound amplifier for that exact pitch, giving the brain the stimulation it seems so desperate to hear. And for some, the relief comes immediately. As long as the simulation is there, the “ringing” subsides.

That’s our approach. Come see us to find out how it might work for you!

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