Seven Things You Need to Know About Hearing Tests

  1. Hearing tests are 100% reliant upon your responses; so, it’s important to be fresh and alert

  2. An ear exam with a small camera comes first to confirm that your canal is clear, and the ear drum is visible

  3. You will be tested for your range of hearing with two separate methods. This determines the TYPE of your hearing loss. 

  4. You will be tested for word recognition to help set the proper expectation for what hearing aids can accomplish

  5. You’ll be tested for your tolerance of loudness to assure we do not over-amplify sounds

  6. You’ll be tested for your ability to hear in background noise. This is crucial for recommendation of the proper devices.

  7. The test is used as a starting point for restoration of your hearing. Real world experience with your new hearing aids leads us to the finishing point.

Pueblo, Colorado