Hearing Aids vs. Hearing Systems – What’s the Difference and Why? A Message from the Owner

As the owner of DigiCare, I can confidently say that I will never wear hearing aids, regardless of any hearing difficulty I may encounter. Gasp! In reality, hearing aids are a thing of the past. They were large, they amplified everything, and they were only helpful for the very elderly or the severely impaired. Frankly, they were rather primitive. No more. What we offer now are hearing systems. I call them hearing systems, not hearing aids, because that is more precise. And, to call them hearing aids is almost an insult. It is like comparing an ox-drawn hand plow to a modern John Deere tractor. It’s not really fair. Systems are comprised of multiple parts that work in harmony for a common purpose. That definition fits us to a tee! We have two, three, or four parts that work together to deliver best-possible hearing. And within each part are subparts that create the most remarkable results. Particularly, results that deliver conversational awareness in the most challenging environments. Today, hearing systems provide great benefit, not just to the very elderly or the severely impaired, but to the public at large. Hearing difficulties may come from a loss of natural hearing, or from the challenging environments that are so common. Hearing systems can be very effective in either case. So, I say yahoo! Come see us to learn more. I know you’ll be impressed.
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