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Hearing Device Services

Hearing Device Reprogramming

BTE Hearing Aid Upclose Today’s hearing aids are more complex than ever, and inadequate programming can have a massive impact on how well your hearing aids perform. Is your hearing aid system not functioning as it should? Does it cause you more problems than it is solving? You might not have to replace your hearing aids – instead, you can have them reprogrammed! Just because they don’t seem to be fit for your needs doesn’t mean it’s broken. It might just need to be reprogrammed. Our reprogramming service might help someone who has bought hearing aids from another hearing provider and was not satisfied with the programming they have received. The service includes inspecting the hearing aid and reprogramming it for the user to function better. We may change the frequency, volume, and background noise settings. An additional hearing test might be recommended if we notice a change in your hearing. The test results help us set your hearing aids to the most accurate settings possible. We can serve most hearing aids; give us a call and see if we can reprogram yours!  

Hearing Device Check and Clean

Box with Hearing Aid and Cleaning Kit A check-up appointment for a hearing aid is more than just checking the batteries. Your hearing aids are subject to heat, moisture, earwax, and other debris from everyday usage that can weaken the system’s functionality. With our check and clean service, each part of your hearing aid will be carefully checked and minor malfunctions fixed. This involves inspection of the receiver, microphones, controls, door/compartment battery, and any other applicable components. Your hearing aid might sometimes need a vital repair or even replacement, in which case we can ship your hearing aid to the manufacturer for you. When you encounter the following, it might be time to make an appointment: • Feedback or whistling noise during insertion of the hearing aid • No sound • Sound distorted or unclear The best way to keep your hearing aids working correctly is by checking your hearing aid in with us regularly – it is recommended to have your devices cleaned professionally every four months or as needed.  

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Being Repaired Although hearing aids are undoubtedly technological marvels, any electrical system is susceptible to all the same issues. Now and then, your hearing aid will also need a little TLC. Small microphones and speakers are located inside the hearing aids. They may be impacted with wax or moisture and, consequently, fail to function as well as they should. We will provide hearing aid repair assistance and more if you encounter any of the following problems: • It’s not turning on • There is a distorted echo sound • The unit itself emits strange sounds • The door to the battery is broken • The shell is broken We have on-site hearing aid repair services, and we can make several minor fixes while you are waiting. Prices vary according to the nature of the issue, the price of the spare parts needed, and whether you have a warranty. Some common hearing aid repairs include the following: • Replacing the filtered wax • Retubing the earmolds • Replacing receivers • Cleaning on the battery cases • The replacing of battery doors The cost is often free if your hearing aid has a warranty. However, after that has expired, there will be some costs involved.

Perpetual Care

Once you have purchased your hearing aids from us, you’re welcome to take them back to us anytime for cleaning and hearing aid repair.

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